Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Scans of Random Games

  Oh, a new blog post in god-knows-how-long?  How unexpected!
  So this might have been said already, but I'm not doing much bootleg stuff anymore.  Part because I kinda stopped caring about them (not entirely, but I'm not as focused on them like I used to be) and part because I'm moving on to different, more important passions than this.  But! I haven't completely forgotten this blog (and the stuff I still need to scan...Eh heh) so I decided to scan some covers and artwork from various games, both licensed and unlicensed, because there aren't any higher-quality scans for a lot of these.

Dr. Chaos

Galactic Crusader (Bunch Games)

Magical Doropie (Front)

Magical Doropie (Back)

 Metal Fighter (Color Dreams)

Puyo Puyo (Famicom)

Pyramid (Famicom, Sachen)

Silent Assault (Color Dreams)

Taiwan 16 Mahjong (Famicom, Sachen)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hidden Chinese Chess (Famicom) Scans

  Scans of a Banqi clone by Joy Van.  The manual's far more interesting and enjoyable than the actual game.

The games on the right mention a Journey to the West game, possibly the original TC-003 game seeing as the other two are in proper serial order.   They might've cobbled Sidewinder together as a replacement for it, seeing how minimal and simple that game is.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Miscellaneous Scans

  As the title says, this post is just some random scans that aren't really enough to put into their own posts.  First up is...

An Asder 20-in-1 multicart!  This one's official, and is basically a deluxe version of the Caltron 6-in-1; not only does it feature the Caltron multi's games, but other games released under Asder's various lables (Myraid, NTDEC, etc.)  The games themselves range from mediocre to kinda good, but it's still an interesting find.  If you wanna experience the game, you can find the dumped multi here.

This one is just another one of several hacks of Sintax's Castlevania DX game.  The only difference here is that the graphics are themed after Megaman Zero's (though not directly ripped stuff.)  And it's a GBC board inside a GBA case, meaning that you can only play it on a GBA, SP, or GB Player system.

  This is a Sachen flyer that came with my boxed copy of Incantation (Galactic Crusader.)  It just shows off some of the Sachen Famicom library and a tiny blurb of their Mega Duck/Cougar Boy games, which they were a major developer for.  It uses the company and games' Chinese names, though it's interesting how it uses a different name for Penguin & Seal (SA-002) than the original Famicom release did; the title listed here is "企鵝推冰" (Penguin Pushing Ice) while the cart itself (which I previously posted) is labeled "動動腦" (approximately Brainstorming.)  I think the Famicom version got different re-releases, but don't quote me on that.

This one is a boxed original copy of Sheng Shou Wu Yu, a really fun SRPG made by Vast Fame.  I lucked out with this one, as I thought that it was loose when I ordered it.  Nothing different about it from the linked dump.

And last is a Tetris Family multicart, specifically the 6-in-1 version.  This has a similar but much more simplistic menu from the dumped 9-in-1 cart.  The games are it are the first six games listed in the 9-in-1's menu.  The biggest thing about this multi is the terrible engrish on the back of the cart (and also that this thing's a bugger to get started.  Takes me like 15 minutes to get this running every time.)  There's supposedly a 12-in-1 version as well; I'm keeping an eye out for that one.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Soul Falchion (Li Cheng) Scans

  Last one today, this time of the Li Cheng release of Soul Falchion.  Not much else to say, honestly.

Shui Hu Shen Shou (Waixing Release) Scans

  These updates keep on truckin', and here we have scans of Waixing's release of a Vast Fame Pokemon clone.  The original's known better by the name "Shawu Story" and has been ported to the Famicom by at least two companies (on of them being Waixing themselves, amusingly.)