Monday, September 9, 2013

Misc. Sachen Famicom Scans

  Random Sachen crap I got around to scanning.  Some loose carts, everything from the Famicom version of Chinese Checkers, and the box and carts to Poker II and Incantation (Galactic Crusader, the Joy Van release.)  Oh, and Incantation's cover is faded yet again because that's the only copy I can get right now.  Fun fact: the Poker II box has an artist's name under the card that says "Yang Wan Guang" (though the "Y" looks like a "T") and has "90" before it, likely the year.  No idea if he did anything else for Sachen or work on the games themselves, but still neat.


  1. Hey, Martwansito here! Would you mind sending some nice scans of those rare games to the game art preservation site: Gaming Alexandria?
    It would be very helpful for the community.
    You can contact me at
    Thank you, I wish you come back someday.