Thursday, January 26, 2012

Regarding my Download Stuff

  So, everyone's familiar with the whole SOPA/PIPA thing going on, right?  Especially with the feds taking down Megaupload?  Well, since my stuff was hosted on that particular site, that means all that stuff I uploaded is now gone.   Best is, now other sites like Filesonic and are caving in.  but don't worry, because your other favorite sites like Mediafire, Rapidshare, and Depositfiles could be next on the chopping block!  Yay!

  So anyway, the reason for this post is to say that yes, I will be re-uploading all my old downloadable stuff.  However, it won't be happening for a little while since it won't do much good to try and upload to a site that may be dead within the next week or so.  So until this all settles, all my old stuff won't be available.

  God Bless America!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jurassic Boy 2 & 2000 Queen of Fighting Scans

  Two more scans up, first being the Taiwanese release of Jurassic Boy 2 for the Game Boy Color...

  ...Which seems to genericize the characters in the Chinese adaption similar to Thunder Blast Man (Chen is called "Little Dinosaur" or something in the manual).  Another thing I want to point out is that the cartridge is a shiny silver color that's painted on, which you may not be able to see well in the scan.  Next is Vast Fame's fun fighting game 2000 Queen of Fighting:

  I swear half of those characters are stolen from somewhere.  I've noticed that the staffers between this, Monopoly Madness, and Shi Kong Xing Shou are very similar.  All three have Zu Zhenxin as one of the artists, Lin Bizhi as director, and of course Liao Yishen as composer.  I've got the feeling that they're also the people behind their other titles like Shui Hu Shen Shou, San Guo Zhi: Lie Chuan, and more.
  I plan on doing a video of 2000 Queen of Fighting in the near future, though not Monopoly Madness since it doesn't run on GB Player, unlike Vast Fame's other releases.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monopoly Madness Scans

See title.  Planning on scanning 2000 Queen of Fighting and Jurassic Boy 2 next.