Friday, May 31, 2013

Collection Update, the Reboot!

  Like old beloved franchises, the Collection Updates are getting a minor revival covering all the crap I've gotten in the meantime which I've already started posting scans of today (pacing my posts, what's that?)  Here's nine GB games I don't know where else to fit.

越南戰役2002: The Metal Slug 2001 bootleg in generic form.  This, oddly enough, has some changes from the ROM (mainly minor ones.)  The pause sound and ending aren't glitched, water doesn't slow you down when you get hit, and items have different pickup sounds; star emblems play the damaged sound effect while collecting health plays sound 51 in the Great Battle Pocket GBS (which this game rips its music from.)

新封神榜2 金版: Title hack of V.Fame's Xin Feng Shen Bang game.  What's amusing is that I've seen another title hack of the game that labels it as Xin Feng Shen Bang 3, meaning that bootleggers made the one game into its own trilogy.  Brilliant.

Capcom vs. SNK Millenium Fight: Hey look, Makon Soft/Yong Yong made a fighting game!  And it's based off of the GBC Street Heroes port Sachen did (even featuring remade music from it.)  The game itself kinda sucks, but it is pretty interesting and it's better made than their usual crap.

Gold & Silver Version 12-in-1: V.Fame multis, one of which I never knew existed until it popped up randomly on Yahoo Taiwan.  Both contain some V.Fame color games and mono Gowin games.  This is Gold Version's game list, by the by:
1. Suiko Monster (Shui Hu Shen Shou)
2. Crazy Monopoly2 (Crazy Richman 2)
3. Sanctity Monster (Sheng Shou Wu Yu)
4. Sword Fighter (Soul Falchion)
5. Zook (Zook Hero Z)
6. West Story
7. Zook2 (Zook Hero 2)
8. Devil Land (Emo Dao)
9. Rainbow Prince
10. Fire Dragon
11. Yehrude Prince (Prince Yeh Rude)
12. Magic Ball

中文RPG戰略+動作+益智 6in1 (V.Fame 6-in-1): Oh look, another V.Fame multi.  More great games as well as even more repeats (they sure loved relisting Emo Dao, didn't they?)  The games:
1. Suiko Monster (Shui Hu Shen Shou)
2. Devil Land (Emo Dao)
3. Crazy Monopoly
4. Apotheosis (Xin Feng Shen Bang)
5. Zook 2 (Zook Hero 2)
6. Sword Fighter (Soul Falchion)

決戰三國: Three Kingdoms SRPG that I never got passed the first fight in.  Not terribly noteworthy, sadly.

魔戒奇兵: Lord of the Rings game styled after Pocky & Rocky.  It's pretty cool and quite fun, plus it's much easier than the actual GBA Pocky & Rocky game.

口袋妖怪 - 之神奇天[?]: I have no idea what that last Chinese character is, but all this game is is a Chinese translation/title hack of Telefang 2.  At least Telefang 2 is a pretty awesome game.

King of Fighters R-2 (GBC) Scans

More scans today!  This time it's of another SKOB-published game called King of Fighters R-2.  This is one of the lower quality bootleg fighters I've played on the system, but still neat if you're into those kind of games.  No credits listed in the manual, sadly.

Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War Scans

Exactly what it says on the tin.  These scans are taken from the SKOB-published Taiwanese release, which I think is the original.  The manual features some credits, so we know who's responsible for this awesome game; plus, the staffers who worked on this also did Digimon D-3, another SKOB game that has Sintax/BBD production values.