Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feng Shen Banged

  Well, yesterday I discovered two things with Xin Feng Shen Bang that has ended up being both good and bad news.  Bad news first; I seem to have glitched the game out in a weird way (it happens right after the hawk guy leaves your team...Dunno his name off-hand): after that event, if you backtrack to the first "world map" you'll get stuck there.  If you keep going back to the first town, you can end up trapped in the upper area of town.  AND on top of that, certain events/bosses repeat themselves over again, even though I cleared them ages ago.  The second thing is that despite there being three save files, if you choose "new game" at the title screen, it'll erase all your saved data, even if you don't save.  This doesn't happen in any other Vast Fame title that I know of, and is really stupid as hell.  And thanks to those two things (regarding the first one, I'd probably have to restart anyway since not all the events are present.) I have to do the entire game over from scratch due to Vast Fame's rare occurence of incompetency.


  The good news?  Just so I don't have to bother with it later on, I will be posting up casual playthrough videoes of the game like I did with Rockman Z.  I plan on working it to where I'll cut out backtracking and grinding to keep down the tedium, and I'll probably be doing it dungeon-by-dungeon, or whatever works best.  I also want to try recording music from the game as well, but how I want to do it I'm not certain on yet.  It would either be through my Game Boy Player (likely just the raw video to prevent the quality from downgrading a lot) or through an audio cable which would capture it in mono (example), so let me know which you would prefer (the cable would make it easier to do an MP3 soundtrack of the game, fyi).  If I have to play through this entire damn thing again, I want to be sure that I can get everything out of it right then and there.