Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fixed Download Links

  All download links at my channel and blog are fixed.  Everything's reuploaded to Mediafire and there shouldn't be any problems now.  On another note, I got rid of my other blog, The Thieves' Den, because I wasn't using it for anything.  I reuploaded the downloads from there to this post, so they're still available to everyone.  If you don't want to go back and check everything, I have the downloads here:

From The Thieves' Den
-Scans of Quinty (the Japanese release of Mendel Palace)
-Scans of the Mother 3 Doujinshi "Homeland 2"
-MP3 music rip of the Sailor Moon Megadrive beat-em-up.

From This Blog
-Dynamite Dux Arcade Soundtrack
-Magical Doropie Soundtrack
-Magical Doropie ROMs with character edits.
-Magic Girl (Megadrive) Soundtrack
-Jurassic Boy 1 & 2 (NES & GB) Soundtrack
-Pocket Monster (Megadrive) Soundtrack
-Pokemon Adventure Soundtrack
-Q-Boy Soundtrack
-Tasac (NES) Soundtrack

From My Youtube Channel
-Vast Fame Birthday Song (from Millionaire Monopoly Gold Version/Crazy Richman 2)
-Xin Feng Shen Bang Music Rip (9 Tracks)

From Twitter
-Buzz & Waldog MP3 Soundtrack