Friday, September 9, 2011

Collection Update #07 - 09/09/2011

  Due to things in real life, such as the pursuit for my own place sometime before the new year, my collecting has slowed down quite a bit.  I still keep an eye out for interesting stuff, I'm just being more selective about it.  Anyways, more games:

(Clockwise from top-left:)

Digital Dragon [数码暴龙4水晶 - Digimon 4 Crystal]: Waixing's port of Digimon 3 Crystal by Vast Fame, which also goes under the name Digital Monster 3.  The manual is actually a full image manual rather than a handful of text pages like they normally do.  Fun fact: these square-boxed Waixing games are actually fairly-recent reprints, while the rectangular ones are the original releases.  They even have the same Izzy x Mimi box cover shown on their website where they advertise their other Famicom releases.  Same as ROM dump.

Doraemon [机器猫小叮当 - Machine Cat Small Ding Dong]: The strange Chinese name is supposed to be a combination of the two different names Doraemon goes under in China.  This is the Somari hack Waixing made that slightly improves the original game (and by that I mean it has better music, graphics, and slightly better level design).  One funny thing about the manual is that it's literally two pages long; it's just the outer cover with a summary of controls and story on the inside.  Same as ROM dump.

Bao Xiao San Guo [爆笑三国]: Also goes under the misname "Bao Xiao Tien Guo" and "Explosion Sangokushi".  It's a comedy-based SRPG where you control the three main protagonists from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  It's kinda lackluster, honestly; none of your teammates can die (if you do, it's game over) and you have to heal them by skipping a turn, which revives about 10/15 HP a turn.  One thing I've noticed about this game is that it has a big Dragon Co. vibe going for it, in terms of graphics, audio, and even the iffy frame rate.  I'm not sure if it's a Dragon Co. game or if it's a pure Waixing project, but it sounds and feels very much like their Felix bootleg.  Anyway, it's the same as the ROM dump.

Digimon Pocket [數碼暴龍 口袋版]: Once again, I save the best for last.  This recent Taobao find is a different revision from the game found on the Silver Version 12-in-1 multicart.  Like with Digimon 3 Crystal, the only huge difference is that it shares the same soundtrack as their Pokemon Ruby game, with each track used in the same places as that game.  The only other differences I noticed is that A: Pabumon's electric ball attack doesn't seem as effective as in the multicart version (on the multicart, the attack drains most of the enemy's health in one shot, no matter what enemy it is) and B: the main character sprite is a Gold-esique character that was an NPC in Digimon 3 Crystal, instead of Tai's sprite.  Says "DIGI." on startup, exactly the same as in the link.