Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vast Fame 8-in-1 Multicart Scans

  Some more scans today, and they're scans of one of at least three multicarts released by the excellent Taiwanese company Vast Fame!  The scans are kinda crappy, but while I try to get better scans you can at least get an idea of the packaging.  This multicart, by the way, is the one that features West Story which is related to the Harry Potter 3 bootleg.

  As I mentioned in the aforementioned link, everything except West Story and Devil Island are shown on the box; they're only mentioned once in the game list on the back and side of the box.  On another note, all of the games are their latest revision of them, meaning some of them like Zook Hero Z and San Guo Zhi have their copyrights/company logo removed.  Devil Island and Soul Falchion are the same as on the 12-in-1 V.Fame release, with the latter featuring Super Fighter Alpha's music instead of the ROM dump's (partially original) music.
  Sheng Shou Wu Yu I showed gameplay footage of from the Li Cheng release, which is exactly the same save for the title and intro...And I showed the original intro/title as well.  Shi Kong Xing Shou, San Guo Zhi, and Crazy Richman 2 (Monopoly 2) are the same as their ROM counterparts.  Zook Hero Z is the same Chinese/Japanese version I did a playthrough of.