Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Scans of Random Games

  Oh, a new blog post in god-knows-how-long?  How unexpected!
  So this might have been said already, but I'm not doing much bootleg stuff anymore.  Part because I kinda stopped caring about them (not entirely, but I'm not as focused on them like I used to be) and part because I'm moving on to different, more important passions than this.  But! I haven't completely forgotten this blog (and the stuff I still need to scan...Eh heh) so I decided to scan some covers and artwork from various games, both licensed and unlicensed, because there aren't any higher-quality scans for a lot of these.

Dr. Chaos

Galactic Crusader (Bunch Games)

Magical Doropie (Front)

Magical Doropie (Back)

 Metal Fighter (Color Dreams)

Puyo Puyo (Famicom)

Pyramid (Famicom, Sachen)

Silent Assault (Color Dreams)

Taiwan 16 Mahjong (Famicom, Sachen)