Monday, September 9, 2013

Soul Falchion (Li Cheng) Scans

  Last one today, this time of the Li Cheng release of Soul Falchion.  Not much else to say, honestly.


  1. I don't recognize that muscular guy from any of the King of Fighters games. I wonder what his game of origin is?

    1. The red-haired guy with the sword? I think he's from Samurai Spirits, if I'm remembering my very-minimal fighting games correctly.

    2. I think his name is Genjuro, and he is from Samurai Spirits/Shodown, if I remember it properly. Other than that, thanks for the scans! I've always admired this game's "put on a hat and change the name" approach to NGPC sprites, and have done quite a few crafts from it. It's cool to see the even weirder misappropriations of pre-existing characters in the instruction book!

    3. @missy
      I looked it up. Yes it's Genjuro Kibagami from Samurai Shodown. Sure he's a SNK character, but he's never been in the King of Fighters series (of which all the other fighters in the background of the cover originate from).

      I guess he was put on because Asians love their samurai.

    4. @Justin I can't remember for sure, but I think he's in the game, too, albeit renamed and possibly with some sort of sprite edit. I mostly take girly sprites from these things, but, other than a hack of Mai from the NGPC Fatal Fury, most of these are taken and slightly altered from the system's Last Blade and Samurai Shodown games, which is what makes the extensive KOF artwork on the packaging even better than it would be otherwise. I have to say, though, I know Last Blade a lot better than I do Samurai Shodown, so thanks for the check! I have trouble remembering all of the characters from the series.