Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Red Hood (Chinese Famicom) Scans

  "Shazam has scans and updates!  It is just what I like, a blog!"  This time they're of the Chinese release of Little Red Hood.  These are scans of the original Joy Van release of the game, and feature a much fancier manual than the English releases (though that's the case for a lot of Sachen's stuff.)  The cover looks like hell because the copy I got had terrible sunfading damage to it, but until I can get a better copy there's nothing I can do about that.  We do get to see a nicer image of the Silent Assault advert on the back, at least.  Oh, and see if you can catch all the unused stuff listed in the manual.


  1. Page 5 shows one of the main enemies dead, plus a Dracula-esque enemy.

    Stuff that never made the cut, I guess?

  2. The top-right enemy's supposed to be a monkey, and it's (very minimally) mentioned in the English manual as well. If that rumor that Joy Van stopped development early on is true, I can't say it's surprising at all. Another thing is that the game's ROM have other stuff hidden in it like a shark-looking enemy, so they must have cut out A LOT.

    1. I'd love to do a recreation of Little Red Hood to make it feel more complete and less broken. It's been a goal of mine since 2007.