Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shi Kong Xing Shou (Waixing Release) Scans

More scans for y'all, this time of Waixing's release of Shi Kong Xing Shou.  Not sure if this was officially licensed by Vast Fame or not, but whatever.  Game came in a clear clamshell case, which is why the cover is just one thing.


  1. At least we get full art of the main cast (sans Newton and Mitt) even if the scans provided are low-res and high contrast. The cover is terrible, with random characters unrelated to anyone from the game and Shui Hu's monsters rather than Shi Kong's. I'd say it's a bit on the ironic side due to the "Shi Kong Xing Shou +: Future and Past" idea of mine.

  2. You sure there was never a cardboard box release of this one? I have some Waixing GB games in cardboard boxes, but never really tried collecting all the GB Waixing games...

    1. It could've gotten a cardboard box, but I don't know. All the boxed Waxing games I've seen and own (save for one of Gowin's Stone Age) were in plastic clamshell boxes.

  3. Maybe the plastic case versions are / were reprints?