Friday, August 6, 2010


Hey, uh, remember when I said that I would be showing off Dino Century by Gowin?  Well...That's not gonna happen right now.  I know I know!  But I was intent on showing this game!  You see, the problem is this:  I screen-capture my Game Boy stuff off my TV via a Game Boy Player for the Gamecube.  Sadly, the Game Boy Player seems to be more strict than the GBA with lockout protection.  Something like this:
So when I load up the game on my Game Boy Player, I get this:

And that's it.  It stays that way.  Nothing else happens.  Now for good news: last I checked, jayhui1986, the guy I got this from, has another copy of this game (complete) on his ebay page!

He's also where I got Bomboy and a bunch of other stuff from, so if you're into unlicensed stuff like myself, you MUST check this guy out!

Back to business, this doesn't mean we'll never see this game!  It just means I'll be needing to find a new way to do this.  Don't ask me how (though I'm open to ideas) but it'll happen.  Stay tuned for more...

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