Saturday, October 16, 2010

Magic Girl Unofficial Soundtrack

  Sorry for the lack of new unlicensed videos.  They are coming, I've just been busy with stuff.  Anyway, here's the first of many old soundtrack recordings of mine that I'll be uploading in the future.  Some are of unlicensed games like Pocket Monsters, Sachen, and Super Boogerman, and others are of official titles desperate for a soundtrack like Super Bomberman, Bomberman II, Air Zonk, Bonk 1-3 (including the CD tracks) and more.  For this post, it's Magic Girl, developed by Gamtec of Taiwan.  The sound engine is based off of a Sunsoft title called Shi Kin Jou, and actually sounds very fitting and nicely composed for the engine used.  Magic Girl is a fun game with some great music and graphics, so it's worth checking into if you like this sort of thing.  Included in the ZIP file is a thrown-together bonus I made.  Nothing fancy, but neat.

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