Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dino Century Scans (Gowin)

  As an apology for assuming that I could show footage of Dino Century when I couldn't, here are some scans of the game's manual, box, and instructions.  Have fun!

  More scans to come!

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  1. The character art on the cover and in the manual looks very similar in style to some stuff I've seen on packages for Vast Fame and Chuanpu games. Wouldn't be entirely surprising if it was the same illustrator, given the tenuous connections among all these companies.

    Also, it's interesting that Gowin advertises their monochrome games (GS02-GS07) in the manual for one of their GBC games. The mono games seem to have been developed by a completely different team than their later games-- and that team seems to have connections with (of course) Vast Fame and Chuanpu.