Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sachen Famicom Backings

  Believe it or not, I've always wanted to do a Sachen fansite, filled with info, images, etc. on the Taiwanese company.  But it turns out that most of Sachen's stuff has already been recorded, but it may happen one day.  So, I've been getting a good collection of Sachen stuff started, and I happened upon this: the neat stuff behind the Sachen Famicom carts!
  It seems that the back of these carts, unlike the NES ones, have various stuff printed on them.  I've discovered at least three different things.  First off, the English Title List:

  Nothing terribly interesting, except for the mentioning of Puff Kid.  Puff Kid is the prototype name for Q-Boy, what I consider to be Sachen's greatest game.  What's also interesting is that it's labeled TC-025, which is actually Silver Eagle.  My guess is that Q-Boy was being developed first, then later on Silver Eagle was made, probably in place of Q-Boy which might've been delayed.
  Also interesting to note is Bridge: it's given the numbering TC-024, which actually belongs to Rockball.  Bridge ultimately went unreleased, but it's mentioned in the "LNNTELECTUAL" (intellectual) game series, which lists board games, gambling games, and puzzle games.  Not much else is known about it, unfortunately.  Lastly, SA-020 is actually Tasac, not Bonus Tiles Mahjong.  I believe that Mahjong game got released, but I'm not 100% certain.  There's like five jillion of these Mahjong games alone, not including Poker games or non-unlicensed ones, and I certainly don't give much of a shit since they all seem rather same-y.  Again, it was probably developed first before Tasac.

  Next up is the Chinese Title List. Since I don't know Chinese, I can't say what they translate to or what's different about it from the known numbering.  If you do, please tell me!  This was actually overlaid by the lntellectual label on the back of my Chinese Academy cart.  Hmm...  Oh, and a translation of it all would be nice, since I know some Sachen games have different names in Chinese and English.

  Last are the advertisements!  Again, a translation of these would be nice.  One is an advert for Jurassic Boy, found under the Adventure Series sticker on the back of my Q-Boy cart.  The other seems to be a generic advertisement, but it features art from Little Red Hood.  Maybe an ad for it?  It was put on the back of a Raid (Silent Assault) cart.

  And that about wraps it up!  Puff Kid and Bridge images from a scanned Sachen manual over at the awesome Nintendo Age and the Little Red Hood image from some site I can't remember.  If you have posted this image originally and come across this site, let me know so I can give you credit!

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