Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dynamite Dux (Arcade) Soundtrack

  Here's something for old-school arcade go-ers: an MP3 soundtrack of a personal favorite of mine, the classic Sega game Dynamite Dux.  This actually came about trying to find an MP3 rip of this game (even the Master System version) and finding nothing.  What I did this time around was download the original Youtube videos (made by Robochaoxx and SUTOruin, huge kudos and credits to them) then convert the MP4 files to MP3 audio.  The end result came out very nice, so here it is without mindless searching around.

(P.S. Sorry I kinda "hijacked" your videos, guys.)


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  2. Yes, the soundtrack was very nice! I'm glad you enjoy the blog here. If you're interested in undumped bootleg games, stop by my Youtube channel (I go under NusuttoSan there).