Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bulk Soundtrack Post

  Five unlicensed game soundtracks for you to enjoy!  Three Sachen games, one Yong Yong game, and a Mega Drive game:

-Jurassic Boy 1 & 2
 Featuring music from both the NES Jurassic Boy game and the Game Boy one.
-Pocket Monsters (Mega Drive)
 The first Pocket Monsters game for the Sega Mega Drive.
-Pokemon Adventure
 With four bonus songs from Digimon 02 Jade I recorded a while back.  Great for trolling your friends.
 With all the songs used in the game, including one (the title theme) that isn't in the sound test or NSF rip.
-Tasac (NES)
 The NES version, not the Watara Supervision version.  Though to be honest, the NES version's way better.  Features the ending jingle that's not in the NSF rip of the game.

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