Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Qiezei in Taobao and Ebay Land

I've been searching for bootleg stuff for many years now and unfortunately, while I've seen my share of interesting titles, I only own a fraction of what I spot.  So going through my image folder of Bootleg Goodness, I've dug these up from my visits to Ebay, Taobao, and even other sites like GameGavel.

 A U.S. copy of Super Bomberman 5?  Apparently so, though the seller was asking for like $99 if I'm not mistaken.

Pokemon Stadium for the Mega Drive.

Here's a weird one: Earthbound for the PAL SNES.  This was mentioned over at Earthbound Central, and the original price was really high, despite that it's obviously a bootleg.

Two multicarts and some DBZ bootleg.  Says "New Game Color" on the side.

Super Pikachu Land on a regular cart.  It's kinda common on multicarts, and it does have its own palette if you don't press anything on startup, Though it's not too amazing.

Golden Sun for the GBC.  Apparently it's a hack of Azure Dreams or something similar.

I ahve no idea what this game is.  The seller didn't show what the game's like, and there wasn't much of a description.  I think he said it was an "adventure" game.  Watch it ends up being another version of Somari.

Multicart with a Street Fighter game and Aladdin II.

Final Fantasy IV!  I don't own this game, but it's numbered NJ098 and it's likely the same as this ROM dump.

Another multicart.  Mario & Sonic 2, for those who are wondering, is just a graphic hack of Chip & Dale 2 by Capcom. 

Sonic 3D Blast 5 and a 60 Person version of Street Fighter.

Multicarts, again.  I wonder what Beast Fighter is.  It would be cool if it were Sachen's game.

Multicart with Sonic 8 and others.

Pocket Monsters Go! Go!!

Now we're starting to enter Taobao territory.  Taobao is like the greatest place for unlicensed/bootleg crap (if you know the game's Chinese name, that is.)

DBZ 2005.  Generic bootleg.

A strange Pokemon bootleg.  Not sure what the title says...

These look interesting, but I own a copy of one of these "Pokemon X Version 3" games and it's a lazy hack of the NES Jackie Chan game running on VisualNES.  Boo.

Pokemon: Pocket Monster Version.  What?

Pokemon Blue Diamond.  It shares similar art to Vast Fame's Pokemon Ruby and Pocket Monsters Go! Go!!

Digimon 2001.  Probably the aformentioned Primal Rage game.

The counterpart version to the copy of Pokemon Jade that I own.  And yes, it's that god-awful Yong Yong hack.

More of the U.S. Super Bomberman bootlegs.  Again, inflated price for an obvious bootleg.

I believe this is Super Game's version of Boogerman.  I'm rather surprised that people actually bootlegged Boogerman of all games.

Pokemon Adventure Gold 2.  I've been dead curious about what this game is, but it's probably just regular old Pokemon Adventure.

This one came from GameGavel, and I never saw it again.  The instructions call it Vietnam War 2001, yet the box and cart call it Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.  I wonder if this is an English version of Sintax's Metal Slug game...?

Super Game's Boogerman game.  Now with 8x more exploding butts.

Sky League sells games over on Taobao, and this is one of them.  The auction calls it "Digimon Crystal II".

Likely just Digimon 02, but with different art.

Digimon 03: Crystal Version.  Yep, it's another version of that damn Yong Yong game.

A Family Famicom system?  Yep, and this was on Ebay not too long ago.  I need to get a job.

English Ghost Hunter.  superior_stock of Ebay had this for sale at one point, but for whatever reason I didn't get it.  The English on the back says:

Chinese ghosts are all in fear of Chung Kwei. In this game we find him fully armed in battle array charged up and ready to go. He was originally sent by the King of Hell so China to work around the slack exterminating evil ghosts, carrying flying spinning tops and with roving corpses in tow.
Different degrees of skill are required and various crisis crop up all the way through each of the 60 stages. The player requires high level response and highly skilled technique to maneuver this character, so as to exterminate all the balloons and complete his mission as early as possible.

This game was created with the indication of placing a well-known Chinese character in a scenic setting creating a Chinese style visual experience. In the creation of the game, every detail, everything from pictures, quality in demand of quantity (subject matter), was put to the grinding stone. We repeatedly weighed our choices in your favour. Please feel free to comment on our product if unsatisfied on any way. 

Non-bootleg release of Magic Girl by Gamtec.  I actually owned this at one point, but it's currently with a friend.  Kinda disappointed that it wasn't covered in some neat official art.

Megaman X8 on the GBA.  The seller said it was just Rockman 4 for the NES.

Pokemon Leaf Green by Sintax.  Once again, take from Sky League's Taobao page.

Somari, with box.  I swear that little bit at the bottom-left corner was taken from an official version of Sonic.

Super Bomberman on the Game Boy.  I know that Taizou listed some Sintax games, one of them called 疯狂阿给3 - 超级炸弹人 (Crazy Arcade 3 - Super Bomberman) and tried to snag a copy, but the seller was apparently sold out, despite the listing.  Dammit.  There's a couple of other auctions for this on Taobao, so maybe the next time money rolls in...

Some Famicom Pokemon game.  Not sure if it's Henggdianzi or Shenzhen Nanjing.

Tiny Toon 6.

Another Pokemon GB bootleg from Taobao. I keep thinking they're something neat like a Sintax game, but they're probably just Pokemon Red or something.

And lastly, what I'm guessing is a label variation of Wucom Legend.  Again, this one is pretty common on Taobao, and comes up if you search for "悟空外傳" (Wukong Sidestory, Wucom Legend/Legend of Wukong's Chinese name.)

That's all for now!  Maybe I'll get a proper update posted soon.


  1. I don't know if this is helpful, but in regards to the Metal Slug game, I found some video that makes it at least look suspiciously similar to the Neo Geo Pocket Color Metal Slug games, which is where they got the cover art from, too. The sprites aren't identical, but I'd cross stitched some of them from the NGPC before, and thought the ones in the Game Boy looked familiar, so I cross-referenced them to some sprite rips here ( ) and the soldier in particular is very similar. Anyway, I'm not sure you cared about that so much, since it was a relatively minor part of your post, but I thought I'd share what I'd found out about it in the past!

  2. @missy-tannenbaum

    Ah, yes, I've seen that game before. They did steal a bunch of graphics from the NGPC Metal Slug games (kinda odd how they used Gimlet for the main character instead of Marco) since Sintax is lazy like that. I have a ROM that has the title and between-level messages translated, with the title saying "Battle of Vietnam 2001". I know there's another Metal Slug bootleg based off of 9/11, but I doubt it's that one. Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  3. I'm curious about that one green "Digimon 2" cart - the cartridge shape looks very much like the molding for several of Vast Fame's games. The 2008-dated Pokemon cart is the same shape as well.

    Of course, that probably doesn't mean anything; probably like 3 developers all had their carts pressed in the same factory...

  4., yeah, and now I see the Digimon 3 Crystal Version proving my point, with a Yong Yong in that same cartridge shape. Heh.

  5. I think Sonic Prince might be Banana Prince - I've seen it labelled as "Sonic" on multicarts before.

    i wonder if that Ghost Hunter is in English in-game..

  6. Amazing post!
    That is the first time I see the box for Magic Girl for the Mega Drive!!!!!
    Is there any info you could give on how to get a boxed, complete copy. Wouldn't your friend be interested in selling it to a fellow collector?

  7. could i buy any of these???
    just asking..
    these look so cool and i will pay good money

    not to be rude at all

  8. I know someone with the same sonic multicart, but there aren't any sonic games on the actual cartridge itself. This is just one of many misleading titles

    1. I wanted to buy this game, so I had a buddy from Brazil buy it off Mercado Livre. Disappointed when he showed me pictures of the games listed on the cartridge