Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Unlicensed Goodness and Vast Fame Adverts

  Hey guys, just a quickie while I get the Rockman Z videos edited.  I stumbled across this site which has a ten-page list of posts of neat unlicensed/bootleg images.  These range from a cart with Doki Doki Panic on it, World Heroes (the Famicom bootleg) and adverts for three of Vast Fame's titles as well as one for Sintax's awesome Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War game.

  The top one is Final Fantasy X: Fantasy War, the second one is a Chinese Pokemon game by Vast Fame (I have the ROM of it, but I've been trying to find the name in text so I can try searching it on Taobao or something), the third one is apparently another Pokemon-based game by Vast Fame, and the last one is Shi Kong Xing Shou, which Taizou dumped a while ago.  Check it out, there might be some useful stuff there!

EDIT: For those curious about the third one, it's a strategy-RPG similar to Sintax's Pokemon Sapphire/Carbuncle.  Some screenshots I found online:

  I'm guessing it was dumped somewhere?  The site I found the images at didn't have any ROMs, otherwise I would've posted it here.


  1. So FFX: Fantasy War is actually by SKOB, then! Or at least it was published by their mainland affiliate Super Huge Dragon, anyway.

  2. Also, the second game is Shui Hu Shen Shou (水滸神獸), also known in English as "Mythos". It's dumped in GoodGB as one of the variants of "Shawu Story" (there were two VFame games that used that name in their headers, oddly enough).

  3. The third game, as I just discovered, is titled "Sheng Shou Wu Yu" (聖獸物語, "Sacred Story"). Not been dumped as far as I know; the screenshots were obtained by the site that had them directly from the developer.