Monday, July 4, 2011

Collection Update #05 - 07/04/2011

  Happy Fourth of July everybody!  And to celebrate, here's a collection update.

(In backwards "N" formation:)
Da Hua Shui Hu [大话水浒] - At first I thought that this was the knockoff of Vast Fame's awesome Pokemon clone of the same name, but it's actually a totally different RPG!  Based off The Water Margin, of course, it has the same, if not similar, game engine as Wu Lin Wai Zhuan [NJ073] and shares the text system with said game and Feng Yin Dao [NJ072], a port of Link's Awakening.  Unfortunately, the game has poor damage calculation, as I've seen the enemies do damage from 0 to 75.  Another neat tidbit: this was developed by Nice Code Software, who's logo (along with SNT's) appear on startup.  Weird thing is, their logos don't always show up.  Like with the menus in GB multicarts, the logo doesn't appear if you reset or quickly turn the power on and off.  I wonder why that is?  Also, I thought it was Shui Hu Shen Shou, but it's called something different.

Little Red Hood [小紅帽 - Little Red Riding Hood] - The Chinese version to Sachen's infamous game.  The back has an advertisement for Metal Fighter that I should probably scan soon.

2003 Pocket Monster Sapphire [2003 口袋怪獸 藍寶石] - Well, look what we have here.  It's Pokemon Carbuncle, except in Chinese.  Weirder yet, it's based off of the Sapphire version, while Carbuncle was based off of the Ruby version.  Haven't played around with this much, but it probably works better than Carbuncle.

Fantasy Life [幻想人生] - One of Waixing's rare Game Boy titles, this one's a mixture of board game and RPG.  I don't really know what to do in this game,'s a board game.  I doubt it gets more interesting than that.  I gotta admit, though; this game seems better produced than their Famicom crap.

I have a couple more games coming in, which include some Sintax games (one has to do with Spiderman) and some possible Vast Fame stuff.


  1. Where's your full collection?

  2. @Polaris: I have a ton of stuff I have stored away and never really organized. I do plan on putting up everyone one day. These updates are mainly of stuff I recently got, rather than stuff I've had for a while.

  3. Interesting blog you have here.
    I just got back from China with a few of these games as well. You might want to check them out on my blog ( Unfortunately my blog is written in French only but you can still have a look at the game pics and use Google Translation service :)

    Those 2 pages for exemple:

  4. @dentifritz: You have an interesting blog there! The Winsen stuff was pretty interesting; good to see confirmation on some games I've spotted on Taobao. :)