Saturday, July 23, 2011

Collection Update #06 - 07/23/2011

  Keep on truckin' with another update (in "Z" formation):

Digimon Crystal Version [数码暴龙 水晶版] - It's Vast Fame's well-known Digimon RPG, but this one has all-original music!  And as usual, it's quite good.  Everything else about it is the same.  This also has save files on it for the end of the game, so I'll put up the ending as well as gameplay footage in the near future.  Says "DIGI" on bootup, though unlike the link it's in italics without the period at the end.

Digimon Crystal Version (again) - Just a generic bootleg of the previous game.  Says "Nintendo" on bootup.

Rockman 2002 DX3 [洛克人 2002 DX3] - Is this an official copy of Rockman DX3?!  Nope, another bootleg.  It's the very common version we've known for years, with all save files cleared.  Says "Nintendo" on bootup.

GB 2-in-1 - The first game is a hack of a strategy RPG (Fire Emblem?) with a poorly hacked Banpresto logo, and the other is Vast Fame's San Guo Zhi RPG.  Says "Nintendo" on bootup.  This is the last of the boring stuff, thankfully.

Spiderman 3 [蜘蛛俠3] - A platformer that tries to have beat-em-up gameplay but fails.  Has Pokemon Pinball's music (which sounds hilariously out of place at times) and the first boss is, oddly enough, Wolverine of the X-Men.  You can slowly climb up walls and launch a paralyzing web shot by crouching and pressing B.  It's not too bad, though the bosses are very easy since the enemy becomes "transparent" from temporary invincibility after each hit.  Says "Kwichvu" on startup, just like all of Sintax's games.

Metal Gear Solid 2 [合金裝備II] - This one has the same game engine as San Goku Shi - Act C, except without all the neat combos or the fourth part of the basic combo attack.  You don't do much damage, but you can juggle the enemy since they don't go flying back without that fourth attack.  There's also an overworld where you can select what stage to start, though at the beginning you can only select between two levels.  And for some reason, Snake has a weird walk animation that looks like he's quickly tip-toeing around, which looks pretty funny.  Haven't cleared a level yet, but they drag on a long time, just like in their Shin San Guo Zhi game.  Says "Kwichvu" on bootup as usual.

Videos forthcoming at my Youtube channel.


  1. Well thats weird that the Rockman DX3 is just that save-hacked bootleg, especially since there's a battery visible. are you sure the previous owner didn't just beat all the levels? :D

  2. Interesting about the Digimon Crystal thing-- that's the third time I've seen the same VFame game with two different soundtracks, with one of them seeming to be a hacked version. (Rockman DX3 and Soul Falchion, of course, being the others.)

  3. @Taizou: no, it's the same as the ROM. I even removed the battery and tried the game without it and the levels are still cleared.