Sunday, December 4, 2011

Collection Update #08 - 12/04/2011 (Digimon Ruby GBC)

  Only one thing for the time being, but there will be a huge influx of spiffy Chinese crap coming in soon, including stuff from Ruten!  For now, we have...

  ...Digimon Ruby!  And no, the screenshots don't lie: it is in fact an Engrish translation of Digimon 3 Crystal, AKA Digital Monster 3.  Interesting things to note: the music is the same as the ROM version, which steals its soundtrack from another game of theirs, Shui Hu Shen Shou.  Another thing is that on bootup it shows a "Ruby" screen with three red diamonds on it, almost exactly like the bootup intro from Digimon Saphire.  Speaking of Digimon Saphire, the cover art for Ruby is very similar to Saphire's; the logo, background, etc. making me believe that New Game published my version of Saphire.  Lastly, I'm beginning to think that they might have published Pokemon Ruby as well.  They both have the same bland cartridge mold, both stick out of my Game Boy a bit when inserted all the way, and Pokemon Ruby was an Engrish release as well.  Edit: Codeman38 has confirmed that they DID publish Pokemon Ruby, and that my copy of Digimomn Yellow Jade and Digimon Amethyst have the same label design.  Thanks, man!
  Last thing I wanted to point out is that you start off with an oddball team.  You have two Lv 99 Cyclopsmons and an Andromon, a Lv 50 Tanemon and Motimon (which is called "Sticky Biscuit" in this game, amusingly) and your starter Digimon at Lv 04 (since I was TK, it was Tokomon, or "Diker Beast").  All except for the starter Digimon have about 3/4 of their health depleted.  I'm guessing they were meant for testing purposes but Vast Fame/New Game didn't bother resetting the team.  Finally, the game says "Nintendo" on bootup, just like Digimon Saphire and Pokemon Ruby.
  I'll put up a video sometime soon.  It won't be so much of actual gameplay, but rather the different bits of dialogue from the characters.  The game's pretty much the same as what we know, so it'd pay off more to show off the ridiculous Engrish writing than the dungeons and battles (I'll show at least one battle to give an idea of how the Engrish fits in).  Until next time!

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