Sunday, December 25, 2011

Magic Lamp Scans (English Release)

 Happy Festivus Merry Christmas everyone!  My present to you all are scans of the rare English release of Gowin/Hotkid's Magic Lamp, an Arabian-themed Megaman clone.  Enjoy!


  1. Not sure if I already posted a comment on here but it's not visible, so I'm guessing I forgot to publish it.

    At a glance, this game seems very decent. I just wish it was available in ROM format (either the English or Chinese version) so I could give it a try.

  2. Ooh, credits!

    And as I pretty much expected, I don't think I recognize any of these names from the monochrome Gowin era. There isn't even a credit for music, though I clearly get the feeling that Hanmin Liao was out of there by that point.