Thursday, May 5, 2011

Collection Update #02 - 05/05/2011

  Hey hey, more GB bootleg stuff.  Some of the Chinese characters for the games' titles aren't listed at the moment because I'm too lazy to look them up.  I'll do it later (which may be never, knowing me, heh heh...)  From top-left to bottom-right in "Z" formation:

-Digital Monster 3 [数码暴龙 水晶版 - Digimon Crystal Edition]: Vast Fame's Digital Monster 3 game.  I forgot how neat some of these Digimon bootlegs are.

-San Goku Shi - Act C: Same as San Goku Shi - Act C except it has True Thre Kingdoms' logo animation with Shin San Gou Zhi's title (with a three slapped in as well).  Fortunately, it does function beyond level 4, unlike the current dump, but I haven't gone further than stage 5 yet.  I'm hoping it isn't as long as the sequel, which I'm up to level 10 or 11 currently and each stage is like half an hour long.  Oh god.

-"The Fate of Dragon": It does say that on the cart, but in tiny text.  This is just Vast Fame's San Goku Shi - Aoshi Tianjia.  It gives me a "SRAM TEST FAILED" message after boot up.

-Stone Age - Birth of the Goblin King [石器時代: 精靈王誕生]: A fun little RPG by Gowin/Hotkid.  It's pretty much the same as the known ROM dump, except one of the characters is colored weirdly in the intro.  Logo says top half "Nintendo" bottom half "Hotkid" on startup.

-Some Digimon Hack: See title.  It's a hack off of some Tamagotchi game, but I have no idea which one.  You hatch dinosaurs, if that helps, and it's a monochrome game.

-Final Fantasy X - Fantasy War: Same as ROM dump.  Whatever, this game rocks.

-Shui Hu Shen Shou [水滸神獸]: A cool Pokemon clone by Vast Fame.  There is a ROM dump of this game out there, and for some reason the game's known as "Shawu Story" along with their aformentioned San Goku Shi game.  Seems more polished than Shi Kong Xing Shou, despite being released the same year.  Your character also moves at normal walking speed rather than zipping around all over the place like in their other RPGs.  The cart's supposed to be a bright green color, but once again my scanner doesn't pick it up right.

-Stone Age - Waixing Version: Wait, a Waixing version of the game?  Yep, and it says "Nintendo" on startup, so I should be able to video capture it.  I'm guessing it's either a bootleg by them (likely) or it was officially published by Waixing.  Aside from the case, it's Stone Age unchanged.  Kinda disappointed that it didn't say "Waixing" on startup.

  Videos for these will be uploaded probably this weekend.


  1. Totally awesome! I can't wait for the videos!

  2. I think that Waixing Stone Age is legit - I've seen a copy for sale on a Taiwanese auction site that came with all the original Gowin stuff (including a registration card IIRC) and no sign of Waixing on the packaging, and it was still in one of those Waixing carts. but since Stone Age was, as far as I know, Gowin's last game, my theory is that their factory switched to manufacturing Waixing's short-lived line of GB games and just ran off the last few copies of Stone Age in Waixing carts.

  3. btw did that one in the top left come in a box by any chance? i'm trying to figure out some of the chinese GB publishers to get a sense of which ones released interesting originals and which ones just put out the same old crap in deceptive boxes. but i've only seen one other with that black panther logo and its kind of weird.

  4. None of them came in a box, I'm afraid. I have seen copies of Shui Hu Shen Shou and San Guo Zhi: Aoshi Tianjia boxed on Taobao, but I got most of these because they had working batteries.

  5. ah, fair enough. my suspicion (based on the other game I've seen at least) is that your Shui Hu Shen Shou is from the "panther" company as well, and I think theyre connected to Li Cheng somehow (do they boot up with a Niutoude logo?) but I'm not sure.

    I think the company that released the Fate of Dragon might be a legit publisher of Vast Fame games in China though, I've seen a couple more carts with that same logo down the side and they were both VF games.

  6. No, Shui Hu Shen Shou and Digital Monster 3 boot up with a regular "Nintendo" logo, but Final Fantasy X does boot up with a "Yiutoudz" logo.