Sunday, May 29, 2011

Collection Update #04 - 05/29/2011

  Another day, another update.  I've been getting a good haul lately!

Final Robot [雷弩機神]: This game has been dumped, but it locks up after the intro segment.  This one's a side-scrolling action game.
Journey to the West [悟空 降魔錄]: Same game as in a previous post, except it's complete with box.
Xin Feng Shen Bang [新封神榜]: Awesome Vast Fame RPG based off of the Chinese novel.  This also appears in the Silver Version 12-in-1 cart as well.  This copy has the last few pages of the manual stuck together, but I'm gonna see if I can remedy that.
Magic Lamp: Don't have the Chinese characters for all of these, eh heh heh.  This one is a horizontal platformer where you can double-jump and enemies take a ton of hits.  I haven't gotten a chance to play much of these, so I don't have too much to say about them at the moment.

Hai Zhan Qi Bei: A Sintax SRPG that plays very similar to Pokemon Carbuncle, but there are some minor changes.  I'll be showing it off in an upcoming video.  Has music from RPG Maker GB, just like Final Fantasy 9 and another Final Fantasy RPG I've seen a dump of.
Beast Fighter: Sachen's Mega Duck port, which isn't terribly great, but still interesting.  Weird thing to note is that even on a monochrome system, your jumps are shorter as if you're playing the game on a color system.  My other two copies don't do this, so I'm guessing that this is a revision of sorts?  It's a color game, despite having a grey cartridge.
Super Robot War X: Same gameplay as Hai Zhan, and has Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen's music again.  I believe I was told that this is one of their earliest SRPGs known, which makes sense when you think about it.
Metal Walker: Just a bootleg of the fun little RPG.  This bootleg is of the Japanese version.

Sintax Game: Don't have the name of this one on hand.  It claims to be a GBA game, but it's just a GBC game in a GBA case.  Lame.  The game itself is a beat-em-up similar to Gowin's School Fighter, except you fight lots of goblins from FFX: Fantasy War.
Speedy Dragon [音速飛龍 - Sonic Dragon]: A platformer by AV Artisan, the makers of Earth Defense and Whac-A-Critter for the Sega Genesis.  Game has iffy physics, no continues, and some tricky level design.  Still, I've been waiting to play this game for ages and it's my personal favorite on the A'Can.  I'm planning on a playthrough of this game, as it's only five levels long, but I might need to wait until I master the game better.

  Scans for Beast Fighter and the Sintax beat-em-up will be up soon, as well as manual scans from my copy of Barver Battle Saga.


  1. I love all that stuff! Awesome indeed!

  2. Actually, there is a working dump of Final Robot, under its Chinese name "Lei Nu Ji Shen". No idea why it's not listed as something more sensible like "Final Robot [f1]" in GoodGBx.

  3. Also... "Jump Technology"? Seriously, how many names did Sintax have? I've already seen "Benco" and "Saturn", and now there's another