Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sintax GBA & Beast Fighter Scans

  More scans ahoy!  First is Sintax's GBA (actually GBC) beat-em-up:

  And a version of Sachen's Beast Fighter which I'm guessing is an official Taiwanese release:

I like how the box says there's English instructions inside and that they wrote "GOME OVER" in the manual.  Oh well, as a (the only) Sachen fan this is a pleasant addition to my collection.  Keep an eye out for video updates!


  1. The characters on the box of the first game look pretty good. Are they original characters or taken from a source?

  2. @Justin: I'm not sure off-hand. Considering that it's a bootleg company, I'm sure the characters are taken from somewhere, but I don't know where. I think the game's called "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", if that helps narrow it down.