Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collection Update #03 - 05/19/2011

  Small update for now...

Carpenter Genzo - Robot Empire: Not a bootleg (for once) but still kinda interesting.  This is one of several official Game Boy titles released over in Hong Kong.  The back is in Chinese and the manual is both Chinese and English.  The English is actually quite good, for once.  I'm going to scan it sometime soon.

Digimon Sapphire: A Vast Fame(!) SRPG with more broken English.  At one point, TK randomly shouts "bamboo hobby horse".  I'm totally getting that into the video when I do it.  It also shares music to their Taiwan Richman game.

Metal Fighter/Joyvan Kid [未来小子 - Future Boy]: Sachen's early shoot-em-up.  I haven't fiddled with it much, but it's just the Metal Fighter version.  Still nice to have, though.

  I have some other stuff coming in from Taobao, which includes a Waixing GB game.  More to come when it arrives.


  1. Oh, I so want to see the video of Digimon Sapphire now. I'd always wondered what that was-- and to find out it's by VFame and has their usual Chinglish!

  2. Hong Kong is very much multilingual, so it doesn't surprise me that the English in the manual to an officially released title has decent English.

  3. Hi there, would you be interested in trading the Carpenter Genzo game? Let me know where I can reach you to discuss ^.^